Tuesday, July 21, 2009

really!!! i thought the blogging community was here for support

REALLY!!! so let me update real Quick, my computer had a virus so nicely sent in an email from a supposed secure site, then i found out the head gasket on my car blew, and to top it off since i had no car i lost my litle cupcake job so excuse me if my cake plate give away got put on hold..

I cant believe the nasty comments i have received over not getting the gift sent. So i am letting everyone know, i just got my computer back, i am trying to get up to date since i lost everything on my hard drive, pictures, my cook book, EVERYTHING !!! So if all anyones cares about is a cake plate then please do not follow my blog as i really only want people with compassion and understanding in my life right now..I have enough greedy people with hands out right now...Thanks so much and have a joyous day!!!

Oh and the winner was felicia from playing dishes...but i cant really say when i will be able to get that to you considering right now life has happened and i am a single mom with a lifetime of stuff all crumbling in one fell swoop.....if you continue to follow great if not bless you and take care

the people behind the words on the screen are real people with real issues and if noone out here is real then i dont wanna blog anymore. Its easy to read a recipe, or look at pictures of peoles kids, but, remember those people are real and sometimes life is not easy.. So dont judge people on what you think they are, listen and learn before you judge because in the end who r you to pass judgement.


Katiesperk said...

Oh dear! I am so sorry! You are having a run of bad luck! Good luck getting back on track. When it rains it pours but usually the sun comes back out!

printersdevil said...

I hope that things turn around soon for you. I will email you. Good luck!