Saturday, July 04, 2009

happy fourth of july

Happy Fourth everybody I hope everyones holiday is safe and fun. This is my liitle creation to celebrate the day. Mini strawberry margarita cupcakes with lime buttercream. I just added a litle blueberry on top to make it festive and colorful. These are so simple to make either using a homemade white cake recipe using margarita mix with pureed strawberries or a box strawberry mix and instead of using the water use margarita mix... and salt of course to the mix.. for the frosting use 1/2 stick butter with 3 cups pwdered sugar and the zest and juice (with pulp) of 2 fresh limes and beat til smooth adding cream as needed by tbsp. these are great with a real margarita at the end of the bbq with the fireworks flashing in the air and the ones you love surrounding you... god bless america and our families and loved ones serving overseas today!!! come home soon and come homne safe!!