Monday, June 29, 2009

broke ass bride

Hey to all you brides to be check out this new blog i found called Broke ass bride.... very cool site..check it out

cabernet brownies ...the best of both worlds

As we sat down to watch TRUE BLOOD i realized i was in the mood for something chocolatey and decided to make my favorite... brownies. I noticed sitting on the counter was a bottle of cabernet from SONAMA VALLEY and i though i got to baking

2/3 cups all purpose flour
a pinch of baking powder

1/2 cup butter..the real stuff there guys
3-4 ounces of UNSWEETENED bakers chocolate chopped roughly
11/4 cups granulated sugar
2 eggs
some wine....really i used only 1/4 cup if that even

mix the dry ingredients then... in a heavy small pot melt the butter and chocolate til smooth and then take off the heat and let cool a few not let boil...yuck taste.. add the sugar and the wine, yes its supposed to be grainy, add the eggs just til incorporated and then add it to the flour mix.. feel free to add nuts at this time... put in a 350 oven for 25 minutes... and whala...brownies.. but when you eat them....its best with milk...but i did the wine anyways because i am a rebel and SEMI PSYCHO BAKER...have a great day

Sunday, June 28, 2009

so whats summer without a bbq.....

the date on the photos was wrong as i was not paying attention...06/27/09 is correct..tee hee

So the sky was blue and i was off on a saturday, I know really right?, and I decided that i wanted brisket, and anyone who may be reading who has had brisket done right, knows there is a very slow and steady method to this masterfully cut piece of meat. So i made a great rub of simple ingredients..........brown sugar, dry mustard, onion pwder, garlic powder, fresh grated ginger, smoked paprika and salt and black pepper, now dont ask how much because i eye ball it always .. then i seared the meat and got it nice and charred before i through it in a roaster pan and into a 375 degree oven for 1 hour...well then my guy dipped on me ladies and i was to fend for myself at the grille... NOw i am a line chef and baker and the grill is his domain, like the car. So for him to relinquish his THRONE to me was astounding. So he lit the grill and left. Now i though the coals had gone out too fast and put more fluid on them...whossh flames...i screamed like a girl and my neighbor almost fell off his chair next door laughing...crazy old folks. Well i finally got the grill right and i put the mesquite chips on and through the slab of meat down... i closed it and let that baby smoke for 2 you can see IT"S YUMMO RIGHT!!!!! No photo shop retouch..pure heaven... I may be a fine dining chef but baby BBQ is all in the school teaches what is in your soul,. Bbq is beer, wine, sweet tea, mac salad , baked beans and the sun shining in your face.

Ihave had so many new responses to my give away and i thank you all ... a few questions asked were when is the deadline.. the answer is july 12 that is when my mother, who is a computer person type..haha ...will come show ne how to do the count thing and for now thanks to all and as for whos ahead as of now would be jess from living on sweet tea and felicia from playing dishes...she is real inspiration...rock on ladies and keep posted for my cabernet fudge brownies...oh god yes..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

threes a not so charm...

What a sad day....farrah..was the great blonde bombshell while i was growing up watching charlies mcmahon....legend..but micheal now i can honestly say this is wehat he deserves...once a great icon turned weirdo crazed child molester... may they all rest in piece though......

I wanted to post a little private info that i feel readers and friends should know...I have been through medical hell these past two years with blood transfusions, carcinomas and lack of vitamin and iron in my body. It has made my teeth a disaster and put a real hinderance on finding the right job for being a chef you have to be professional and willing to talk to people... Well today is the startof my dental plan a
nd in 5 weeks...WHALA i will be all better... I am SOOOOO excited...stay tuned

Oh and these are pics of me, my guy who is the best thing in the world and our babies

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summers cakes

So i have been linked to this great blog bake off and for me this is the perfect time...I have been looking for something to do with myself this weekend so i will be making grasshoper mint with fudgy brownies made from real chocolate and andes mints..ooh lala right... so if you think you have what it takeas tho rock the blogger world with your creation...join in the fun... see ya there and happy baking

Oh and the cheesecake pic was a blueberry bottom lemon cheesecake... was creamy and fantastic... a mouth orgasm for sure

tea time anyone

Tea time.... when i first heard we did tea time i was thinking to myself that i could not understand what little old ldaies would want with a pot of tea and some scones, but having done three teas, i can see the fun of getting together with a bunch of friends and having some wine, tea, scones, soup, little sandwiches and a lovely dessert.

The plate consists of quince paste with marscapone cheese and baby pear, the cracker is simple with homemade fresh pimento cheese, a puff pastry filed with a rich mushroom sauce, a mini veggie bite and a napoleon with radish, blue cheese and apricots...its ab fab really.. So next time asks you to come over for tea...jazz it up a bit, get creative, if you are doing chai tea lunch use foods with earthly flavors like cumin and nutmeg, or ginger. Green teas are great with citrus salads, and earl grey is lovely with just about anything but especially after a fish meal. For any Questions feel free to ask....

Thursday, June 18, 2009


First let me say that i am so thankful to all that have read my blog and still stuck around.. I suck at this...working as a chef and full time mother of boys has me worn out but i will prevail and make my blog spiffy here soon...

to a priorfatgirl, living on sweet tea, and the unwife housewife life, oh and cant forget the bomb tracy at ungirdled ... thanks for all your words and jen your basket is on the way.... cant wait for my cake plate giveaway... hope that brings some to the matt...thanks for reading

Monday, June 15, 2009

puff puff ....pastry!!!! where was your mind?

What a beautiful day it was when i realized that puff pastry is my friend. it is so flaky and light and hold up well to a multitude of fillings. So today i made my mans favorite.. Cheese danish.

It was so easy to make this with 5 simple ingredients, cream cheese, confectioners sugar , sour cream, lemon zested and juiced and puff pastry. ( I did cheat just a bit and bought the pastry sheets.) but the end result as you can see is really Quite nice and the flavor was extemely lemony and tart sweetness. When my guy gets up i will serve im up a big piece and watch as his love for me gets even bigger!!!

Ok and now for my first give away ever!!!! trumpets sound... i am so new to this but i am hoping to get my name and blog out here so here we go... I have followed living on sweet tea and un wife housewife life and think i know what i am doing...but stil bear with...

Starting july 1st
I have a cake stand, 4 plates, 4 little knives and to give to the person who can help me get my name out there the most, by posting me on your blog, by mentioning this giveaway and just leaving me a comment on my blog. the cake stand and accesories will be posted up here soon for you to view ( I have to dig them out of their boxes.) hope to see you all soon

Friday, June 12, 2009

just a break from the norm...

Sometimes you get a photo op that is too good to pass up. This is my daughter cocoa. She is a red nose pittbull mix and is so funny. She loves the smell of mountain dew and will try her hardest to get the cap off and get a drink.

she is the reason I am a huge advocate for the rights of SO CALLED "BULLY BREEDS" what a crock of shit. I have been bitten by two dogs in my life and neither was a pitt bull.

Also stay tuned for my first give away coming up. ......can you say pretty cake plates!!!!!!