Sunday, June 28, 2009

so whats summer without a bbq.....

the date on the photos was wrong as i was not paying attention...06/27/09 is correct..tee hee

So the sky was blue and i was off on a saturday, I know really right?, and I decided that i wanted brisket, and anyone who may be reading who has had brisket done right, knows there is a very slow and steady method to this masterfully cut piece of meat. So i made a great rub of simple ingredients..........brown sugar, dry mustard, onion pwder, garlic powder, fresh grated ginger, smoked paprika and salt and black pepper, now dont ask how much because i eye ball it always .. then i seared the meat and got it nice and charred before i through it in a roaster pan and into a 375 degree oven for 1 hour...well then my guy dipped on me ladies and i was to fend for myself at the grille... NOw i am a line chef and baker and the grill is his domain, like the car. So for him to relinquish his THRONE to me was astounding. So he lit the grill and left. Now i though the coals had gone out too fast and put more fluid on them...whossh flames...i screamed like a girl and my neighbor almost fell off his chair next door laughing...crazy old folks. Well i finally got the grill right and i put the mesquite chips on and through the slab of meat down... i closed it and let that baby smoke for 2 you can see IT"S YUMMO RIGHT!!!!! No photo shop retouch..pure heaven... I may be a fine dining chef but baby BBQ is all in the school teaches what is in your soul,. Bbq is beer, wine, sweet tea, mac salad , baked beans and the sun shining in your face.

Ihave had so many new responses to my give away and i thank you all ... a few questions asked were when is the deadline.. the answer is july 12 that is when my mother, who is a computer person type..haha ...will come show ne how to do the count thing and for now thanks to all and as for whos ahead as of now would be jess from living on sweet tea and felicia from playing dishes...she is real inspiration...rock on ladies and keep posted for my cabernet fudge brownies...oh god yes..


printersdevil said...

My DH is the grill king. He cooks wonderful steaks, chicken, burgers, pork loin, etc. However, my favorites are ribs and brisket. He cooks his brisket for 8 hours on the charcoal grill and then wraps it in foil and finished it out in the oven at a low temp for a couple of hours. It makes a great liquid base that I use to make a gravy sauce. Sometimes we make the sauce really hot and sometimes more sweet. It is fantastic.

We gave him a new infared gas grill of Father's Day. He never wanted a gas one until now. He will still do briskets on the charcoal one though.

Texas men and their beef.

He can call me from the golf course and have me look at the thermometer guage on the grill and he will tell me how much to adjust the smokestack vent to raise or lower the temperature to what he wants!

Kristina said...

thats my man all day... next time i do the brisket i will def make it grill first.. i ama cali girl but i love texas my mop sauce was sweet and spicy, apple cidar, sweet chili sauce, brown sugar, hiosin, ginger, star anise, liquid smoke, and salt and pepper with some diced garli, shalots and habanero dust...yes sweet and spicy and so good...yeah me!!