Monday, June 15, 2009

puff puff ....pastry!!!! where was your mind?

What a beautiful day it was when i realized that puff pastry is my friend. it is so flaky and light and hold up well to a multitude of fillings. So today i made my mans favorite.. Cheese danish.

It was so easy to make this with 5 simple ingredients, cream cheese, confectioners sugar , sour cream, lemon zested and juiced and puff pastry. ( I did cheat just a bit and bought the pastry sheets.) but the end result as you can see is really Quite nice and the flavor was extemely lemony and tart sweetness. When my guy gets up i will serve im up a big piece and watch as his love for me gets even bigger!!!

Ok and now for my first give away ever!!!! trumpets sound... i am so new to this but i am hoping to get my name and blog out here so here we go... I have followed living on sweet tea and un wife housewife life and think i know what i am doing...but stil bear with...

Starting july 1st
I have a cake stand, 4 plates, 4 little knives and to give to the person who can help me get my name out there the most, by posting me on your blog, by mentioning this giveaway and just leaving me a comment on my blog. the cake stand and accesories will be posted up here soon for you to view ( I have to dig them out of their boxes.) hope to see you all soon


Jess said...

ahh cake plates! lol you know how i love them

Ungirdled Passion said...

I have had you on my blog roll since I started one! Have you signed up with blog catalog? I seem to get a little traffic from people there. Also put links on your facebook page. Have you joined blogher? Check that out, too! I want to make that pastry know. Actually, no, I want to EAT that pastry now!