Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tea time anyone

Tea time.... when i first heard we did tea time i was thinking to myself that i could not understand what little old ldaies would want with a pot of tea and some scones, but having done three teas, i can see the fun of getting together with a bunch of friends and having some wine, tea, scones, soup, little sandwiches and a lovely dessert.

The plate consists of quince paste with marscapone cheese and baby pear, the cracker is simple with homemade fresh pimento cheese, a puff pastry filed with a rich mushroom sauce, a mini veggie bite and a napoleon with radish, blue cheese and apricots...its ab fab really.. So next time asks you to come over for tea...jazz it up a bit, get creative, if you are doing chai tea lunch use foods with earthly flavors like cumin and nutmeg, or ginger. Green teas are great with citrus salads, and earl grey is lovely with just about anything but especially after a fish meal. For any Questions feel free to ask....

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Katiesperk said...

The B&B that I work at part time also does afternoon tea and let me tell you it has been such a treat to pull together. Daily changes & choices make it a fun menu planning experience. Your tea plates look delightful!