Wednesday, August 12, 2009

life and the fluffnananutter cupcake

Its been a while since i posted on here about anything other than food and i plan on sharing my recipe today but first let me say a few things.
This has been A ROUGH year for me. ever since november when i lost my job and could not find another i have been struggling to get back on my feet, and then WHAMMO, my fiancee got laid off from his
job too. I was like oh my god WTF. why is this happening? Thats when i turned to blogging becasuse i needed an outlet to store all my creative thoughts. I loved telling about my new job and cooking and all. I even was offering a giveaway and entered a summer swap. Then WHAMMO..AGAIN....REALLY??? I was let go at the new job i found due to them finding out the building was foreclosing. Wow i could not believe it. I had no internet for a while and that was hard. My electric bill was exhorbitantly..(btw..they do cut you off at 1300.00) we were behind on our rent and things were starting to crumble again. During that time the blogging community was not so nice. I got ANONYMOUS emails saying i was a fake for offering something i never intended to send, and my summer swap partner will receive her summer gift this week, a month before FALL!!! I just had ZERO MONEY to send packages and really thought that people would understand. I was right for the most part..people are empathetic, but some were down right asses about it and so to those few i say this...

it"s easy to sit back and read recipes and look at cute pictures of fluffy dogs and really awesome cupcakes but the reality of it is behind those photos someone is having a real life. filled
with bills, car payments, kids, jobs, jail, foreclosure, cancer, death, teenagers, unemployment, domestic violence, divorce, marriage, depression and love. So keep the "ANONYMOUS" comments to yourself and if you just have to say something then at least have the GONADS to say who you are. REAL FRIENDS STAB YOU IN THE FRONT!!!

Now onto my recipe for the day....... BANANA NUTTER CUPCAKES. these were an inspiration from my son alex whom actually wanted chocolate cupcakes with banana cream filling inside so i suggested peanut butter and he jumped on it. So at ten pm, while watching food networks chopped,.. we started on these cupcakes. my son basically measured everything and then i mixed the wett ingredients an he scooped them into the liners. we put them i the oven in small 6 coount batches to keep the heat steady and they came out nice and beautifuly brown. we scooped out the middles with an apple corer and then topped them with the fluff/peanut butter buttercream frosting

They were light and fluffy with just the right peanut butter flavor not overbearing. when you bit into it the cool banan cream is just the nicest hidden surprise and the fluff cream ties it all together. like a fluffer nutter with banana sandwich like my grandma used to make me...memories. So i present to you the FLUFFNANANUTTER cupcake!!!!


Katiesperk said...

Looks delicious!! How have you been?

Lisa said...

SO sorry about your lovely friends! I don't get just asking you about what is going on instead of being ugly. Plus I don't get the whole "I'll rip you a new one but not leave my name" Nice!!
Hope you are getting to the light side of things! I do TRULY understand.
Hugs and prayers, Lisa

printersdevil said...

I hope that things look up for you soon. Love your recipes and posts about cooking.